Artist, teacher and our friend

          He began to study dance with 10 years, recived classes of the great onew, Monreal, La Quica, Antonio Marín. He made his debut at the age of fifteen in the company of the great Gran Antonio Ruiz Soler, being one of his principal dancers. He appeared as the first dancer in the Company of Mariemma. When forming the National ballet of Spain, directed by Antonio Çgades, is contracted like first dancer, interpreting papers of great iimportance in the most significant ballets of the repertoire. In the national company it remains like first dancer during the artistic directions of Antonio Gades, Antonio and Maria de Ávila. In 1985 forms the Ballet of Spain of Paco Romero. His contribution to the internationalization of flamenco has been sealed for history thanks to the multitude of foreign cities where his feet have stepped and his figure has been applauded.

           His art has been present in the most important stages, among them Los Reales Patios, el Monasterio del escorial, Teatro Albéniz in Madrid, etc. Paco Romero never stops, he creates new dances for Spanish TV: Exaltación, Ensueño, and Orgía de Turina, that later will also present in theater. Created. as presentation, Navarra of Albéniz and in collaboration with the reciter Carmen Casarrubios, performs the ballet La Celestina, with music by Manolo Sanlucar. The dance quality of Paco Romero is undeniable since he has kept for twenty years the position of first dancer in companies of great artists. Paco Romero, combines the tables of the stage with the teaching forming dancers who have later become "Gandes de España", among them Antonio Márquez. He has contributed his teaching in the most imporatnt flamenco schools as "Amor de Dios", the cathedral of the teaching of flamenco, for its excellence, demand and quality. One of his last wors on the stage, before leaving us on August 27, 2015, has been with Antonio Márquez, in Legado, a production that pays homage to the great maestre Antonio Ruiz Soler, through a singular and emotional Tour through his choreographies of reference, where Paco Romero as guest artist interprets the great master.

             To you Master, great among the great, friend and counselor.

             To you that you have been one of the axes of my life both professional and personal.

             I want to give you this little homage. Dear Paco, you are an example to follow, thank you for your friendship that will always be eternal and lasting.

Israel Martínez (founder of flamencoiN)



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